Pushbullet + C/AL + JSON Buffer = Easy notifications on multiple platforms

Pushbullet logos

UPDATE 07-07-2018: Now with SMS functionality added.

Sometimes you just want to push a notification or send an SMS the cheap way. Here is how you could do it in Dynamics NAV 2018 via C/AL with the use of Pushbullet, “JSON Buffer”, “JSON Management” and “HTTP Web Request Mgt”. This can pretty easily be converted to AL for use in Business Central.

In this example I will use Pushbullet – a cross-platform notification system which you can read more about here.

A quick summary of what you will see:

  • GET and POST calls to a HTTP Web service from C/AL.
  • Import JSON using Table 1236 JSON Buffer.
  • Export/generating JSON using Codeunit 5459 JSON Management.
  • Sending Pushbullet notifications from C/AL.

The Pushbullet API is well documented, compared to JSON Buffer and JSON Management (*Wink wink* Microsoft). Most of this is based on a lot of trial and error, sprinkled with Google.

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