Flame graphs of BC call stacks

Quick note: Yeah, I’m back. A lot happened, got married, had a kid, new job. You know, the usual.

So now we got that out of the way. This is just a quick write-up, as someone most of you know will show it in action at a session at BCTechDays.

If you want graphs like the following of your BC call stacks, call my web service and I will convert it to an SVG formatted flame graph.

The web service is open for everyone in these regions and will stay free forever (write to me if you are blocked, and I will whitelist):
Europe, North and South America plus Oceania.

The web service: https://github.com/SShadowS/AL-Flamegraph

Example BC App for calling web service: https://github.com/SShadowS/AL-FlamegraphApp

A more detailed post will follow next week after TechDays, and it will include a guide for using Pyroscope.