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By Torben Leth from

Welcome to my little spot, this blog will mainly show you random integrations between NAV and the outside world.

Remember, the things I show here is mainly for Dynamics NAV and Business Central (Not the light version “In-Cloud”, but the full-blooded sibling “On-Prem”).

Here are some of the things I will “force” NAV to interact with:

  • MQTT [Working prototype]
  • SNOM IP-phones (Making calls and receiving caller-ID) [Working prototype]
  • Slack [backlog]
  • Discord [backlog]
  • Microsoft Teams [Work in progress]
  • MongoDB [Working prototype]
  • RFID (Write / Read) [Working prototype]
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) [Backlog]
  • Pushbullet [Working prototype]
  • XBee [waiting for hardware]
  • I2C [Work in progress]
  • GraphQL [as a client is working, but server; not yet]
  • Using CUDA for Graph Analytics [Work in progress]
  • Dynamics NAV web service relay / proxy [Working prototype]
  • QR-Code Generator [Working prototype]

Most of them are already made as prototypes, just hadn’t had the time to do the write-ups yet.

I will mainly post C/AL examples, not that you can’t make it work i AL, just faster to do [prototyping] in C/AL than AL.